Below you will find our various pricing packages and options that are available to you.

Please review the pricing schedule below before registering to use our site. Please enter any Subscription offer codes at the time of Registration or Discount codes at listing Checkout.

Agent Plans & Subscriptions

If you are a Real Estate Office or a Property Management Company and would like to Bulk upload your Property Listings via REAXML feed to, then we have some very affordable and scalable annual subscriptions to suite small, medium and large volume users.

Please email our sales team to find out more.

Pay-Per-Listing Prices

1 mth Listing (Pay per listing)
30 day
$33 inc GST (that's $1.10 p/day)
30 Days
upto 10 Photos

3 mth Listing (Pay per listing) 
90 day
$55 inc GST (that's $0.61 p/day)
90 Days
upto 10 Photos

6 mth Listing (Pay per listing)
6 mth
$110 inc GST ($18.35 p/mth)
6 Months
upto 10 Photos

12 mth Listing (Pay per listing) 
12 mth
$220 inc GST ($18.35 p/mth)
12 Months
upto 10 Photos